Our Belief

There is a concept in Western culture – Work, Life Balance, obtaining harmonious balance in work and life. In today’s society, many people are running the rat race. Every day it is a nine to six routine, and sometimes even more. After work, we could wine and dine with friends and family or staying home playing with our smartphones. Without knowing, the day is over so quickly and tomorrow is a repetitive process. In this process, most of us are looking forward to planning a good holiday. However, most of the holidays usually is a trip to another busy city, where it is still crowded with high-rise buildings and fast-moving vehicles. We have little exposure to Mother Nature, but there are some of us who desire to go way from the busy cities to seek peace in our life. Gold Mountain Ranch & Resort hopes to become such an Elysium for those who desire.

We run this operation with this belief – Love for Mother Nature and animals, and respecting life as a whole.

We cultivate understanding and learn about empathy to others such as – to our guests, to our staffs, to nature and to animals. Learn and cultivate body and mind through such life and healthy activities.

Play, Explore, Learn


Play is one of the recipes for relaxation. Fun allows some people to get inspire for other things in life and as for some people they gain happiness. At Gold Mountain Ranch & Resort, we hope that our guests can will gain all the above mentioned from the activities we provide.


If not because of curiosity, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and many famous inventors would not have begun to seek knowledge and experiment things then perhaps there would not be so many wonderful inventions in this world. If no one has the spirit of exploration and curiosity, we will not know the knowledge of Earth, outer space and many more. The desire of exploration is the beginning of knowledge, so Gold Mountain Ranch & Resort provides a platform for everyone to satisfy curiosity for Mother Nature & other activities.


Some people like photography, so they sign up for photography classes. Some people like cooking so they attend cooking class. There are thousands of skills and knowledge that can be learn in the world, and the reasons for learning can be as many. Regardless if it is for work, for health or simply because we enjoy it, we can all choose. At Gold Mountain Ranch & Resort, we hope that everyone will get what they desire from Horseback Riding.