Our Precious

Many people have regarded their pet animals as a part of their family and treasure them dearly now. However, on the contrary, horses may not be as popular in Asia compare to pet dogs, cats and so on. They are very different from the little pets that can be raise at home. Therefore, many will be a little scared yet curious when they see them. Once you spent some time with them, you will realize that they are the same as pet dogs or cats.  They have their own personality and temper, and they have their own unique charm.

At Gold Mountain Ranch & Resort, they are our little pets, our precious.

Introduction to our Precious


It is dazzling to look at Golden galloping. Every strand of his hair is like a gold thread shinning under the sunlight. The word that best describe him – Majestic. Golden is especially punctual, he knows exactly the time of play and the time of rest. He has alot of character just like a warrior. Golden is especially blessed because his owner – Mr. Hong is very fond of him. He will often bring him out for a ride regardless whether it is a mountain trail or a stroll at the beach.


Modesty is the trait of Daniel. He has a very warm nature and basically very mild temper. Like the animated movie – BFG, Daniel is a gentle giant. He may not be the most outstanding character in the giant world, but he has his unique personality that makes him stand out in the crowd. Also Daniel is the first choice for horseback riding enthusiasts, he allows the rider to enjoy with ease.

Ni Ni

Ice Queen = Ni Ni. She has a beautiful build and stunning appearance. She is every instructor’s favorite girl. Her cold and hot temperament makes people feel that she is rather proud, but just spend a little more time understanding her and you will discover her intelligence, her enthusiasm and her passionate side. In the world of horses, she will definitely stand out above the rest.

Xiao He

Xiao He is always curios of everything, he possesses the spirit of exploration. Any noise he hears; you will find him sticking his head out to get a clue on what is going on. Because of his petite shape, he is especially loved by children. He has a personality like a child and enjoy his playtime. And just like Oreo, he will start to pester the instructors to let him out to have fun.


Dancer was known as 52, a Serum horse. You can see the brand of the number on her body. Upon arriving at Gold Mountain, we felt that she deserved her own name thus we named her Dancer. She is like a freedom dancers not limited to age, size, etc. Every breath every move she makes feel like a dance. It feels as if freedom is around the corner. Every move display that the body and soul as one.When you at Dancer, she gives you the impression that she is straightforward, free and mild. When you see her canter, it is like watching a graceful, mature lady dancing Waltz on a dance floor at a gala dinner.

Little Animal Kingdom

At our Little Animal Kingdom, you will also find our other precious – Rabbits here.  If you ask the staffs, they might tell you some of their names –  Snowball, Momotaro and Mashu. Finally, our dearest previous – Nigo whom will also warmly welcome everybody.