Horseback Riding

Introduction to Horseback Riding

Curiosity is the best motivation for human beings because the desire for knowledge and skills will make us progress. From primary school to university, from basic painting to design diplomas. We have been constantly learning since our childhood regardless from textbook knowledge to practical skills. The reason for learning can be because our parents require it, life needs or whichever it could. Sometimes different reasons will result in different learning attitudes and processes, and ultimately different learning outcomes.

So before deciding to sign up for a class, please find out why you wish to learn Horseback Riding and what you wish to achieve from it.

Every teacher has his own teaching methodology and ideology and the suitability for every student may differ. For example, music, some people like to play the piano and some people like to play the guitar. Because of the different nature, therefore the methodology of learning will be different.

At Gold Mountain, the learning course begin:

  • Understand the reasons why students wish to learn to ride horses, for example: for health, for interest, etc.
  • The 15-minute horse riding experience for the instructor to assess your body’s sensitivity, your reflexes and more.
  • The instructor will advise the course structure best suited for each individual.
  • Course Begins

Different Grading Levels

C Level – Basic

B Level – Intermediary

A Level – Advanced