Service Center



  1. When making a reservation, guests will be required to prepay 50% of the total amount of the reservation in order to reserve the right to reserve the room and price online. The final balance of 50% of the booked price must be paid to the counters of each park on the day of check-in.
  2. Guests will be required to provide following personal details:
  • Full Name of Registered Guest
  • Contact Details of Registered Guest
  1. The booking will only be completed after successful transaction. Guests will receive booking confirmation via email.
  1. Changes for reservations are not accepted within 3 days (inclusive) before the check-in date.
  2. The same reservation order can only be changed once. Once the change is made, the original reservation order will be cancelled at the same time. The “reserved reservation” and “cancelled reservation” will not be accepted after the change.
  3. The new reservation order amount after the change:
  • those who are higher than the original reservation order must pay the difference in the deposit;
  • those who are lower than the original reservation order, the difference in the deposit will be calculated according to the “cancellation of reservation” requirements of the original order, and the “new order room “Deposit” and “Original Order Cancellation Fee” before refunding.
  • Refund will require 7 working days.

Note: The following refunds are based on the “Total Deposit”, not “Total Amount of Reservation Price”.

  • If cancelled on the day of check-in or no show on the day of check-in, 100% of the prepaid deposit will be deducted.
  • If guest cancel the booking within 14 days (inclusive) before the accommodation date and deduct 100% of the prepaid deposit.
  • If guest cancel the booking within 15-29 days before the accommodation date and deduct 50% of the prepaid deposit.
  • If guest cancel the reservation 30 days before the accommodation date (inclusive) and deduct 0% of the prepaid deposit (deducting administrative fee $100).



  • If for reasons of natural disaster, unavoidable factors, or any other special circumstances, where the hotel gives consent for the cancellation, the method of refund will be in the same form as the deposit payment.
  • If the method is made with a remittance, the bank fees will be deducted from the refund.
  • If reservation information is in error or untrue, and confirmation cannot be established after sending emails and making phone calls, the hotel may proceed with cancellation procedures in accordance with the cancellation policy.

In case of typhoon, earthquake and other irresistible factors occurred on the Check-in date, the postponement and cancellation decisions are based on the weather conditions and effects based on the promulgation of the county and city government as the criterion. Guest(s) are advised to contact our customer service staff by phone, and we will keep your reservation for half a year according to the regulations of the company. If you do not check in according to the date of the reservation and did not notified Gold Mountain Ranch & Resort to retain your reservation. Gold Mountain Ranch & Resort will not refund the received reservation fee in accordance with the regulations.